AMF's Incoterms Procedure

- We can accept incoterms :
1. Freight On Board (FOB)
2. Cost Insurance Freight (CIF)
3. Cost And Freight (CFR or CNF)

- Price will quoted as per incoterm's request by buyer and will stated at proforma invoice.

- Change incoterm after buyer sign and stamp the proforma invoice is not permitted.

Main Poin

Acceptable Incoterms

Seller can accept four shipment incoterms only, such as FOB, CIF, CNF or CFR.

Incoterms Agreement

Incoterms agreement will stated at proforma invoice. After both side confirmed the incoterms by sign the contract, change incoterms request is not allow.

Business Objectives

Asia Maritime Food will arranged the shipment as per incoterms confirmation by seller and buyer.

  • +It is possible to use ex-works incoterms ?
    No. Seller cannot accept any others incoterms beside FOB, CIF, CNF, and CFR.
  • +It is possible if seller advise shipment freight to the buyer ?
    Yes. We can discuss which incoterms the most suitable for the buyer. Buyer feel free ask the freight to the seller.
  • +It is possible to change incoterms one (1) week before shipment ?
    In special case we can help to change it. Any additional charged cause of change incoterms will bear by the buyer.