frequently asked questions


Regarding Asia Maritime Food

  • +What is Asia Maritime Food core business ?
    We are international global trading company based in Jakarta, Indonesia specialized in any kinds of seafood products.
  • +How can I believe you are reliable supplier ?
    Our company already served 40+ customers in 12 different countries. We are also connected with more than 230+ international verified buyer in related industry.
  • +Where is your sources located ?
    Our sources are first hand suppliers from various location in Indonesia with verified export premium standard products quality and handle with advanced international standard technology.
  • +What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) ?
    Our minimum order is 20 feet full container load (FCL). Loading and metric ton adjust as per products type*.* Please contact us for the most updated information
  • +What about the lead time?
    Normally lead time between 15-25 days after we received the payment and others request are confirm by the buyer (ex: packaging design or other additional request).
  • +Can I get any product sample ?
    Sorry, we cannot provide any sample for you due to our products are frozen.
  • +How can I get fast response ?
    For fast response you can send your inquiry to our support email at info@asiamaritimefood.com.

Regarding Shipment

  • +What shipping line agency you are usually use ?
    It depend on which shipping line schedule can provide the fastest route. In order to convince you, if you use CIF/CFR/CNF incoterm basis, we usually provide some schedules that you can choose and concern the delivery lead time as well.
  • +Can I use my own fowarder agency ?
    Sure. If you use FOB incoterm basis, you can provide your forwarder contact person details to us, we will contacted directly with them for further shipment arrangement.

Regarding Price

  • +How long you can keep the price for the customers ?
    As per trade done, we will locked the price for you. We can keep the same price 4 working days only due to volatile market price (at the same time customer settle up down payment or LC).

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