AMF's Philosophy

What Makes Us Become A Strong Company

Asia Maritime Food daily business process is dedicated for our customers loyalty. Our philosophy stated at company logo which each color has meaningful philosophy that we keep until now.

AMF's Philosophy

Starlight Logo

Asia Maritime Food Logo named Starlight. The founder believed each of star emit a positive bright to the others star. Same like our vision which we want to be a leading and sustainable frozen seafood supplier, this company has a dream to share and fulfill worldwide needs especially in seafood industry.

Become A Positive Bright

We want to share and fulfill worldwide needs at the industry that we are served.

Worldwide Connection

We are very happy if we can become worldwide connection for our customers.

AMF's Philosophy

Two blue triangle

Two blue triangle shape indicated as many ship at the wide ocean. Means that in order to convenience our customers, we are guarantee that our company is qualified, verified, and expertise at our main business concern. So our customers can count us as a reliable on stop business opportunity.

Qualified, Verified, And Expertise

We are guarantee we can meet our customers expectations.

One Stop Business Opportunity

Our customers no need to worry anymore how to fulfill various market needs in their served market if they cooperate with us.

AMF's Philosophy

Green Triangle

One blue triangle shape indicated as sustainability. Means that Asia Maritime Food also concern to sustainability environment by educate, green campaign, government collaboration, and etc.

Sustainability Environment

We are commit to put concern at undersea green environment.


We build a positive initiative by collaborate with local stakeholders and government to ensure undersea ecosystem.

AMF's Philosophy

Red Triangle

One red triangle shape indicated as the true of us. Means that Asia Maritime Food put customer delight experience and customer satisfaction at the top of priority. We are believed provide best services to our customers will lead the company to greater success in the future.

Customer Delight Experiences And Satisfaction

We put service at top of internal company priority mindset.

Greater Success

We build strong business cooperation with the customers in order to build long term business relationship.